Leuven Monthly 2022

After a forced two-year interruption, the Backgammon Club Leuven is happy to announce that the Leuven Monthly tournament series will resume in 2022. The series will also be the scene of the annual Club Championship.

The tournaments take place monthly on Sunday afternoon from 13:00 to approximately 18:00 in Squash Club de Vaart, Kolonel Begaultlaan 15, 3012 Wilsele, and this every 3rd Sunday of the month, except for April (because of Easter) and the two Summer months:

  • Winter: Jan 16, Feb 20, Mar 20
  • Spring: Apr 10, May 15, Jun 19
  • Autumn: Sep 18, Oct 16, Nov 20
  • Play-off: Dec 18

For more information, please see https://backgammon-leuven.be/2021/12/26/leuven-monthly-2022/

— Henri, Nader, Johan & Toon

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Brussels Friendly 101

Dear backgammon friends,

Finally, 1 year you’re waiting for : Welcome to Brussels Friendly 101 backgammon tournament, on Sunday the 31st of October 2021 at 13.00 hours. At the Tennis – Hockey – Bridge Club Orée, drève des Brûlés 59 – 1150 Brussels.

  • 5 rounds of 5-points matches ; participation : 5,- € (for room rent) ; no prize, just fun.
  • BGFed.be – members + friends only.
  • No registration required, one motto : be on time !
  • Please bring board & clock.

Due to the current situation, please respect these ‘sanitary’ measures :

  • Covid Pass absolutely necessary ! No pass, no exception : no entry !
  • Mask mandatory when you stand or walk. Social distance to be respected at any time except during play. Please stay downstairs, the playing room is only for play : no gathering, no talking, no kibitzing, no eating. The tournament organizer will call the players from downstairs after each draw. When play is finished, mask on before standing up and going immediately downstairs again. Only the play will be without mask (our view is : you meet only 5 different persons upstairs ; if you feel uncomfortable playing without a mask, don’t come).

Organizer : Guy Van Middelem +32 476 41 86 88.

Wish you success, keep on rolling, Guy

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BGFed.be transformed from formal non-profit organization to de facto association

At the General Assembly of Friday, October 15, 2021, it was decided that the formal non-profit organization underlying the federation was to be dissolved and that the federation was to continue its activities as a de facto association (NL: feitelijke vereniging; FR: association de fait). The name, website, activities and all the material and immaterial resources of the NPO (tournaments, competition, rating list, membership of the World Backgammon Federation) are to be transferred to this new association, which will be managed by current president Guy Van Middelem.

Minutes of the general assembly of October 15, 2021.

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Backgammon in Brussels, weekly on Wednesday evening

Chantal & Vincent invite you at Au Bassin, Quai au Briques 74 Baksteenkaai, 1000 Brussels (Métro Ste-Catherine – Metro St-Katelijne).

When: weekly on Wednesday at 8pm sharp. First meeting: October 6, 2021.

No money games. You can play for fun or, as BGFed.be member (only 10,- € per year) for the official Belgian rating list.

No registration beforehand needed. Just one condition: be on time!

Wishing you good luck and lots of fun.

Contact: Chantal (+32 474 32 66 50, SMS only).

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Backgammon Club Leuven is rolling again!

After a long break, the monthly Leuven club gatherings will resume again: Mark your calendar on Sunday September 19, October 24, and November 28, 2021, each time in Squash Club de Vaart (Wilsele), from 1pm to 6pm. Format: five 5-point matches.

Moreover, the 12th Leuven Open will take place on Sunday November 21, 2021, in de Abdijmolen (Heverlee). Maximum 24 participants, preregistration required.

Info and registration: backgammon-leuven.be

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Leuven Open 2020 cancelled

We’ve been thinking hard and long about this one: another venue, another tournament format, etc. But in the end we see no other option. Sometimes, it’s just better to pass than to play on and risk a gammon.

So, for the first time since 2009, there will be no Leuven Open Backgammon this year. We hope that the 12th edition can and will take place in 2021, with the familiar ingredients that give the tournament its unique flavour.

Thank you for your understanding. Looking forward to better times when we can roll the dice together again.

Take care,
Henri, Johan & Nader

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4 Cubes 2020 cancelled

Beste vrienden, ploegkapiteins,

Het zal niet verbazen dat het organisatiecomité besloten heeft om de 4 Cubes 2020 te annuleren. Er moeten nog 9 van de 10 matchen gespeeld worden, en in de huidige toestand is het ondenkbaar om deze wedstrijden in de nabije toekomst nog te laten plaatsvinden.

Uiteraard hopen we in 2021 deze competitie opnieuw op te starten, maar wanneer en in welke vorm kunnen we nu natuurlijk nog niet bepalen.

In deze bizarre tijden wensen we iedereen een goede gezondheid toe, en hopen dat iedereen zijn dagelijkse levenswandel op een zo normaal mogelijke wijze kan verder zetten.

Vriendelijke groeten,

namens het organisatiecomité


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Brussels Friendly 100 postponed

Dear backgammon friends,

Due to the reinforced protocol with sanitary measures concerning mind games, Brussels Friendly 100 cannot be played tomorrow, Friday the 7th of August. Let’s hope for September, the 4th.

Kind regards, — Guy Van Middelem

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Results Brussels Friendly 99

Dear backgammon friends and/or Backgammon Club Brussels members,

For the first time since 3 months, we played live backgammon again with Brussels Friendly 99 on Friday the 3rd of July, 16 participants.

Guy won 4 out of 4. Chantal, Ithzak, Johan B. & Kristoffer follow with 3 victories.

Please, take a look at the July standings, after 4 rounds of the Brussels Friendly 2020 Championship ; note the performances from Alf & Johan B. (2x), Almira, Liliane & Lizbeth.

Next round : Brussels Friendly 100, on the 7th of August. The Championship (11 rounds) is extended till February or March 2021.

Keep on rolling,
kind regards,

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BIC 2020 continuation

Dear backgammon friends and/or BGFed.be BIC 2020 participants,

For the first time since +/- 4 months, we played live backgammon again with Brussels Friendly 99 on Friday the 3rd of July. With 16 participants and all the respect needed due to the strict Horeca-conditions security measures.

So, we can continue BIC 2020 again. Deadlines have been postponed for about 3-4 months. Expectation is to finish the D1 round-robin in December and the D2 groups A & B in September. Then the D2 group C can play till December. The BIC 2020 play-offs will be played from January till the end of March 2021.

Thanks for making the needed appointments, enjoy rolling,
kind regards,

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