Belgium Individual Championship

The Belgium Individual Championship is a yearly competition (calendar years). It was organized for the first time in 2013.

Previous winners of the Belgium Individual Championship

These are the Belgian Champions:

  • 2013: Geert Van der Stricht (runner-up: Guy Van Middelem)
  • 2014: Walter Meuwis (runner-up: Maurits Pino)
  • 2015: Michel Lamote (runner-up: Luc Palmans)
  • 2016: Walter Meuwis (runner-up: Sassan Kashanian)
  • 2017: Metin Ates (runner-up: Johan Huyck)
  • 2018: Johan Huyck (runner-up: Paul van Dijke)
  • 2019: Michel Lamote (runner-up: Paul van Dijke)


The rules and the format change yearly. The number of participants as well as feedback from previous editions play a role. Click on the year in the list above to know the details for that year.

The last few years, there have been two divisions, with division 2 having two or three groups. The first stage of the competition consists of a round-robin tournament within each division or within each group. The second stage is a play-off, the pairings depending on the outcome of the first stage. The climax of the competition is a publicly played final in December.

Three players demote from division 1 to division 2, and three players from division 2 take their place.


The championship is open to players registered by their club at the federation. Registration and public draw take place in December.

Calendar and standings

Please check out the links on the menubar on the right-hand side to see the detailed results for each year.

Tournament direction

Tournament director in 2020 is Kristoffer De Weert ( Kristoffer is assisted by Alain Chif, Maurits Pino and Guy Van Middelem.

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