Itzhak Solsky wins BIC 2024

We have a winner: Itzhak Solsky won the Belgian Individual Championship 2024 (Royal Orée, 15-16 July 2024), here receiving the beautiful BIC 2024 trophy from Guy Van Middelem, the organiser of this Belgian top backgammon event.

Winner Itzhak Solsky (left) and organiser Guy Van Middelem at the BIC 2024 prize ceremony. (Picture: Inge van den Dorpel.)

Congratz Itzhak with your top performance and thank you Guy for all your efforts!

Final ranking of the Belgian Individual Championship backgammon 2024. Michel Lamote defeated Johan Segers, and so obtained the 2nd place in the championship. The ranking in the picture is based on the internal rating system of the ludite tournament software.

Inge van den Dorpel

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