4 Cubes 2015

Congratulations to Brugge, winner of the 4 Cubes 2015. The competition was decided in the final encounter Gent vs Brugge (report). Although Gent won the encounter, Brugge won sufficiently many matches to claim the title. In fact, Brugge, Brussels and Gent each won 3 out of 4 encounters, and the tie-break rules designated Brugge as best overall. Fourth and fifth place were for Hasselt and Leuven, respectively. The best individual performance was delivered by Michel Lamote (Brugge), winning 10 out 12 matches.

Detailed information (clubs, results, calendar, rules) is to be found in the Tournament book 4 Cubes 2015 Final version 21 November 2015.

Tournament director was Luc Palmans, palmans.luc@skynet.be.

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