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Introducing Access

Can our opponent really think they could use the space left behind our checkers as their own personal dumpster? Is that even a safe approach? Or are they in for some shocking surprises? Read all about it (and more!) in … Continue reading

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Gibraltar Open 2020: Mochy v Sebastian Wilkinson

Robin ‘Rain’ Bilderbeek and Michel Lamote have edited the video of the commentated match between Mochy and Sebastian Wilkinson, with among others additional XG analysis of interesting situations. Great stuff!

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The Alligators of the Cayman Islands

by Luc Palmans It’s not my habit to (ab)use this website for communicating personal messages, but the recent events in the Caribbean reminded me at a personal hurricane I experienced when I was active in that part of the world, … Continue reading

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Match strategy and volatility

The fresh BIC 2016 champion Walter Meuwis has taken the exceptional step of sharing his knowledge and experience with the larger backgammon community. His insights in how a larger awareness of the volatility of a position and the application of a … Continue reading

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BBD1 : Round 1 : Zsolt Tasnadi vs Alain Chif. Trouble in Prime County.

In the first round of BBD1 two players of the Brussels Four Cubes team were pitted against each other.  Zsolt Tasnadi and Alain Chif have worked their way up the national ranking to the edge of the top-10.  They are … Continue reading

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Game Plan and Initiative

Below please find an article (in Dutch) written by Luc Palmans, discussing some interesting positions from a match he played on February 24, 2012, with Michel Lamote at the Leuven club championship. In order to highligh the concepts at work, … Continue reading

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