4 Cubes 2016

In the 4 Cubes 2016 interclub competition, five Belgian teams will fight for the title of Belgium’s Best Backgammon Club: Brugge (winner 2015), Brussels, Gent, Leuven I, and Leuven Cubers II.

Tournament format

The tournament format is round-robin: every team will meet every other team, either at home or away. There are five rounds, with each team being bye for one round.

When two teams meet, they both field three players. Every player of one team plays a 7-point match against every player of the other team. This gives nine matches in total. The team winning 5 or more matches has won the encounter.

Time control

To make sure the evenings don’t run excessively late, we play with the clock. Time control follows the Bronstein system: 14 minutes per player for the match, plus 12 seconds per move.

The home club is expected to provide the clocks. Of course, they may ask the visiting club for help.


The encounters take place in the third week of the months of February, April, June, September, and November.

On Friday, November 18, both Leuven teams will play at home for what could be a thrilling final of the competition.


At the end of the competition, teams are ranked according to the numbers of encounters won. In the likely case of a tie, the number of matches won serves as tie-breaker.


Detailed rules, teams, calendar and results can be found in the Tournament Book 4 Cubes 2016.

4 Cubes 2016 Committee

Tournament director is Luc Palmans (palmans.luc@skynet.be). Luc is assisted by Johan Segers and Guy Van Middelem.

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