4 Cubes 2019

The 2019 edition of Belgium’s interclub backgammon competition will be played with the same six teams as in 2018 (Brugge, Brussels 1, Brussels 2, Gent, Leuven 1 and Leuven 2) and according to the same rules. The format is round-robin, in five rounds.

At each encounter between two teams, a team is represented by three players, each of whom plays a 7-point match against every player of the other team. The result of an encounter can range from 9-0 to 0-9. The team whose players win five or more matches has won the encounter.

At the end of the competition, teams are ranked according to the number of encounters won. Tie-breaking criteria are the mutual result and the number of matches won.

A difference with respect to last year concerns the practical organization. At the BGFed.be general assembly in December 2018, it was decided to combine rounds into game days, during which all six teams would meet on the same location. Rounds 2 and 3 are to be combined in this way on a single day in Spring and rounds 4 and 5 are to be combined on a single day in Autumn. In round 1, the three derbies will be played, on dates on locations agreed upon by the teams.

Another novelty this year is that teams can participate in a PR side competition overseen by the BMS committee. Brugge, Gent, and Leuven 2 have accepted the challenge.

The 4 Cubes 2019 committee (Luc Palmans, palmans.luc@skynet.be, Johan Segers and Guy Van Middelem) wishes all teams and all players the best of luck, great fun, and excellent PR’s!