Backgammon Master Series Belgium

Backgammon Master Series Belgium, BMS(BE), is an independent arm of the BMS Group and as such an affiliated body of Backgammon Masters Awarding Body (BMAB). It functions under the auspices of


The aim is two-fold:

  1. To give members the chance to see their performances acknowledged and honoured by the backgammon community.
  2. To give members the chance to monitor their playing skills and achieve a Grading, i.e., an estimate of their playing strength.

For background, please check out the list of BMS(BE) posts.

Conditions of play

Detailed explanations are to be found in the following document: BMS(BE) Conditions of Play.

Grading Tables

Please see the links in the menus.

Backgammon Master Series Belgium – Committee

BMS(BE) policy is steered by the BMS(BE) Committee. Founded by Michel Lamote, the committee has three members: Geert Van der Stricht (chairman), Johan Huyck (Grading Tables), and Paulus van Rooijen.

All players are cordially invited to participate and raise their backgammon proficiency to a higher level.

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