Vlissingen Masters Rapid and Speed

At the occasion of 60th birthday, Paul van Rooijen organised a great backgammon weekend in the Arion hotel at the waterfront of his home town, Vlissingen, on 4 and 5 January 2020.

There were two tournaments, in Swiss format, with finals between the top-2 to determine the winner:

  • A Rapidgammon tournament on Saturday: 7-point matches, Bronstein timing with 5 minutes for the match plus 11 seconds per move;
  • A Speedgammon tournament on Sunday: 5-point matches, Bronstein timing with 2 minutes for the match plus 10 seconds per move.

The tournaments also counted as the Belgian and Dutch rapid and speed championships, with BGFed.be offering the belgian trophies. Congratulations to the winners, Geert Van der Stricht (rapid) and Toon Van Herrweghen (speed). Toon also won the Open Championship of the speedgammon tournament.

Organiser Paul van Rooijen addressing his guests at his 60th-birthday-party-and-backgammon-weekend in the Arion hotel in Vlissingen, January 4-5, 2020. Picture by Frank Viergever.

Paul’s friend Frank Viergever took some beautiful pictures: http://www.frankviergever.nl/VBM20/index.html

On Saturday evening, Paul invited all his guests to a fantastic dinner. Thank you, Paul!

Results Rapidgammon (40 players)

  • Open Champion: Paul van Koningshoven, Runner-up: Marcus Reinhard
  • Champion of The Netherlands: Paul van Koningshoven, Runner-up: Misja Alma
  • Champion of Belgium: Geert Van der Stricht, Runner-up: Johan Segers
  • Ladies Prize: Tansu Alper, Runner-up: Eileen Mulvany
  • Best Irish Player: Tom Schnittger, Runner-up: Eileen Mulvany

Results Speedgammon (28 players)

  • Results Speedgammon (28 players):
  • Open Champion: Toon Van Herreweghen
  • Champion of The Netherlands: Ed Baars
  • Champion of Belgium: Toon Van Herreweghen
  • Ladies Prize: Claudia Göhnert
  • Best Irish Player: Eileen Mulvany
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