Happy 2020

Dear backgammon friends,

First of all, from myself, and on behalf of BGFed.be, our federation, my
best wishes for

a splendid year 2020

Our desires, of course, include your best of luck with all sorts of doubles in the beginning of the game and mainly doubles 5 & 6 in the bear-off.

I hope (and I’m pretty sure) you can handle these throws valuably !

Please, take a (regular) look at our website, where you’ll find some nice recent films with both games from the BIC final 2019, analysis & commentary included (many thanks to Robin Bilderbeek).

Besides BIC & 4 Cubes, BGFed.be tournaments include :

Leuven Monthly (http://backgammon-leuven.be/), organized in de Squash Club de Vaart (Wilsele) on Sunday afternoons and Friday evenings

Brussels Friendly, organized in Tennis Club le Roseau (Uccle) on every 1st Friday evening of the month (starting with 03/01/20)   

Bigger day tournaments in Ghent (around March/April), in Brussels (the 1st of May) & in Leuven (around November)

The 5th international BMAB – BMS tournament in Ghent (presumably the last weekend of December)

We’ll meet on all these occasions and you can improve your rating (which changes every week).

Keep on rolling, — Guy Van Middelem

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