WBIF Online Belgian Championship 2024: The Final

Dear Players,

I have just followed the final of the WBIF Online Belgian Championship between Michel Lamote (director of the Red Beaver League) and Frédéric Libert (director of the open tournament in Lille).

In the early stages of the championship, Michel lost two matches and came dangerously close to a quick exit in this 3-lives format (report). But by keeping up a high and constant level of play (Performance Rating 4.22), he made it all the way to the final, where he faced Frédéric on Friday, June 7, to play for the trophy.

In this last and deciding match of the championship, Frédéric was strong enough to beat Michel, both players showcasing commendable performances (Frédéric PR 5.2 – Michel PR 2.8). Congratulations to Frédéric, who thereby becomes the WBIF Online Belgian Champion 2024!

Final ranking of the WBIF Online Belgian Championship 2024

Thank you to all players for their participation. I hope you all enjoyed the tournament and the new online experience.

As agreed upon, the tournament also served to select the national team representing Belgium at the WBIF Team World Cup starting in September. Based on the results, the team will consist of the following players:

  • Michel Lamote
  • Ronny Conaert
  • Daniel Rozenberg
  • Firat Tekil
  • Hubert Verstraeten (captain)

Good dice,

Hubert Verstraeten (tournament director)

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