WBIF First Online Belgian Championship: First 3 Matches

The first 3 matches of the WBIF First Online Belgian Championship have now been completed. The tournament format is Swiss, with every player having three lives. This format is similar to a regular Swiss tournament as we are used to play in live BGFed.be tournaments. The difference is that players with three losses are eliminated.

So far, 4 players have won all of their matches. They will have the pleasure to play at least 3 more matches.

At the bottom of the table, 4 players have lost all of their 3 matches. Consequently, they leave the competition, but we hope to see them back next year for the second online Belgian championship.

Furthermore, 8 players have already incurred 2 losses. They will continue fighting with their back against the wall, having only one life left.

The analysis of the matches is performed by WBIF and may take some time. As soon as a match has been analyzed, the performance ratings (PR) of both players are known and the match file can be downloaded for further study and amusement.

Any comment about the tournament is welcome. I hope you enjoy it!

Good dice,

Hubert Verstraeten (tournament director)

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