4 Cubes 2022 final Ghent-Brussels on Tuesday, October 25

The final of the 4 Cubes 2022 will be played on Tuesday, October 25, at 19:30 in the Koninklijke Union Sandeman in Ghent.

Ghent, holder of the 4 Cubes trophy since 2019, will have home advantage against Brussels, which defeated Leuven in a tight confrontation on July 1 (report).

Each team will field 5 players. These players will play 3 rounds of 7-point matches. The team with 8 (out of 15) or more victories wins the duel.

The Ghent team will consist of Geert Van der Stricht (captain), Johan Huyck, Robin Bilderbeek, Bert Van Kerckhove, Nick de Ruyck; substitute: Marc Van Damme. The Brussels team will consist of Kristoffer De Weert, Paul van Dijke, Guy Van Middelem (captain), Vincent Hubert, and Alain Chif.

Good luck to both teams!

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