members perform well at 22nd Città di Jesolo tournament

Jesolo is a luxurious bathing resort in the vicinity of Venice. The tournament is set in the pleasant Atlantico Hotel, where backgammon players are offered a wonderful deal: 85€ for a comfortable room with sea view and a three course dinner. A splendid arrangement.

This year, four members made the trip and they all did well. Paulus Van Rooijen won the final of the speed tournament against Johan Huyck, a noteworthy feat in such a competitive field. Sassan Kachanian reached the semi-final of the Seniors Tournament, where he was beaten by Michel Lamote, who went on to win that side event (22 players). Sassan also reached the Final Eight of the Champions Division (58 players), where he was narrowly beaten by Carlo Melzi, one of Italy’s top grandmasters. This same Melzi was beaten in the semi-final by Michel, who went on to play the final against Giorgio Castellano, another Italian GM. Michel stood no chance in the final, losing 4-15, but could look back on a commendable performance : PR 3,16, but negative luck rate of 6,5. You can watch the final here.

Jesolo 2022 finalists Italian GM Giorgio Castellano and Michel Lamote

All in all, Jesolo is an event which is definitely worth marking in your backgammon calendar. The hotel, the beach, the food, the ambiance among the players, everything was top notch. (ML)

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