Gibraltar Backgammon Championship 2020: Live Commentary by Michel Lamote assisted by International Grandmasters

Last week, Michel Lamote was invited by the Danish Backgammon Federation to give commentary at their live stream at the Gibraltar Backgammon Championship 2020. Below is the link to the quarter final between Zdenek Zizka en Christian Munk-Christensen, played on February 8, 2020. For the commentary, Michel is assisted by the German top player Dirk Schiemann. Live XG analysis is provided as well. Watch, enjoy and learn!

More videos at the Gibraltar Backgammon Championship YouTube channel. Look in particular at the video of the semi-final and the final, where Michel’s guests are grandmasters Jürgen Orlowski, Mick Larsen, and Elias Kritikos, and with Neil Kazaross giving input via the chat.

Quarter final between Zdenek Ziska and Christian Munk-Christensen at the Gibraltar Backgammon Championship 2020. Live XG analysis and live commentary by Dirk Schiemann and Michel Lamote.
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