4 Cubes 2015, Round 1

Last weekend, the new season of the 4 Cubes started. Sadly, Leuven I refrained from participating this year, even after registration. Consequently, “Leuven II” becomes “Leuven”. The competition will continue with 5 teams.

Both matches of the first round were played on Friday evening. In Brugge, the players had an enjoyable evening in the new venue of the local backgammon club the Hollandse Vismijn at the Vismarkt. After their loss in the last round against Hasselt in 2014, the boys from Brugge were well motivated to take revenge. Hasselt missed top player Belgian champion Walter Meuwis. The result was a cruel 7-2 massacre.

Things where not so straightforward in Brussels, where the local team received Gent. But the members from Brussels were unable to show their hospitality, because all the players could only admire in the pouring rain the closed tennis club of Longchamp. Despite confirmation shortly before the meeting that all travellers would receive a warm welcome, the host of the inn refused entrance to the premises.

Alain Chif switched to “Alain Provist”-mode and managed to find a nearby pub. Play started at Jaco’s around 8.45. But sadly the third round of matches could not start because the management insisted on closing at 11.30. The score at that point was 4-2 to Brussels. The captains and players made arrangements to play the last three matches in the next two weeks.

— LP

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