Johan Segers wins 1st Brugge Backgammon Day with clean sheet (5/5)!

Johan poses with the trophy.

Johan poses with the trophy.

Johan Segers hammered his way to a convincing triumph at BBD1 yesterday.  He nailed a 5-win streak to clinch a resounding victory.

Paul van Dijke was runner-up (4/5) with Geert Dooms, Zsolt Tasnadi and Bert Van Kerckhove sharing 2nd place (4/5).

The hometeam was able to hold on to the Brugse Zotten, but only with the narrowest of margins.  Leuven BC came close to achieving a sensational steal, but 5th round victories by Brugge’s Eddy Cabooter and Nigel Vergaerde made sure the hoard of local beer stayed in Brugge.

More later this week.



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