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BIC 2013 : Kick-Off

The first matches of the Belgian Individual Championship 2013 were played on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th of December, 2012, in Leuven and in Hasselt. Detailed results are available in an on-line spreadsheet.

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4 Cubes 2012, Round 5: Leuven vs. Gent, 5-4

Friday, November 30, 2012 University Snooker and Pool, Heverlee Leuven vs. Gent, 5-4

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Street Backgammon at Leuven Autovrij 2012

Full report and more pictures at http://www.backgammon-leuven.be/Archive-2012.html#2012-08-26-autovrij

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Game Plan and Initiative

Below please find an article (in Dutch) written by Luc Palmans, discussing some interesting positions from a match he played on February 24, 2012, with Michel Lamote at the Leuven club championship. In order to highligh the concepts at work, … Continue reading

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Backgammon in the Picture at Press Conference for Leuven Autovrij 2012

Foto van Isabel Van Tendeloo voor Het Nieuwsblad. De man in het midden met de grote gele dobbelsteen is Leuven’s schepen van Leefmilieu, Mohamed Ridouani (SP.A). Op de achtergrond, geheel incognito, twee leden van de Backgammon Club Leuven. De persconferentie … Continue reading

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4 Cubes 2012, Round 3: Hasselt – Leuven, 3-6

On Friday, June 15, 2012, Hasselt received Leuven for Round 3 in the 4 Cubes 2012. Location: café Cambrinus, Dorpstraat 25, 3500 Hasselt.

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4 Cubes 2012, Round 2 : Brugge bounces back – beats Leuven 7-2

Report by Brugge’s team captain, Michel Lamote. Last Monday, 30 April, the 4 Cubes 2012 competition entered the second stage.  Leuven, with a win over Brussels under their belt, delegated 4 players to Brugge in an attempt to make a … Continue reading

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4 Cubes 2012, Round 1: Leuven – Brussels 6-3

In Round 1 of the 4 Cubes 2012, played on Friday, March 9, in the University Snooker & Pool, Heverlee, the Backgammon Club Leuven defeated the team from Brussels 6-3. The victory was celebrated by a bottle of cava offered … Continue reading

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3rd Leuven Backgammon Open Final and Semifinal on Youtube

The final between Michel Lamote (BE) and Paulus van Rooijen (NL) as well as the semifinal between Luc Palmans (BE) and Michel of the 3rd Leuven Backgammon Open on December 11, 2011, can be watched on Youtube. A big thank … Continue reading

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