4 Cubes 2022

In early 2020, the 4 Cubes competition for Belgian backgammon clubs had barely started when you-know-what happened and the competition had to be cancelled. Now, more than two years later, players from Brussels, Ghent, and Leuven, agreed to restart things in a lighter format.

As the trophy was won by Ghent in 2019, they are the defending champions. Brussels and Leuven compete for the right to challenge Ghent.

On Friday, July 1, Brussels and Leuven will play in Sport and Squash Club De Vaart in Wilsele. Five players of each club will line up for three rounds of 7-point matches, which is fifteen matches in total. The team with eight of more victories will win the challenge and will go to Ghent and fight for the title of Belgium’s Best Backgammon Club and the 4 Cubes. This final will be played in Ghent at a date in Autumn to be convened.

In 2023, we could continue in the same way, or, if more teams would like to join in, expand the format. Stay tuned!

The 4 Cubes
The Four Cubes

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