Red Beaver League 2022: Level 5 complete

Maurits Pino vs Robin Bilderbeek at the start of Level 5 of the Red Beaver League 2022. Organizer and transcriber Michel Lamote in the background.

Last week, the two Level 5 duels were played.

At Orée on Wednesday afternoon, Guy Van Middelem beat Alain Chif 5-1 in a hard-fought duel. Guy now progresses to Level 4 where he will meet Paulus Van Rooijen. Alain, who saw his fine performance marred by two resignation errors, will play Maurits Pino to secure spot (10) in the 2023-2024 RBL playing roster.

On Sunday, Maurits was 0-4 down against Robin Bilderbeek after two matches, which made the 3rd match unimportant. Robin promotes to Level 4 where he will meet Bert Van Kerckhove in Autumn.

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