Results Brussels Friendly 99

Dear backgammon friends and/or Backgammon Club Brussels members,

For the first time since 3 months, we played live backgammon again with Brussels Friendly 99 on Friday the 3rd of July, 16 participants.

Guy won 4 out of 4. Chantal, Ithzak, Johan B. & Kristoffer follow with 3 victories.

Please, take a look at the July standings, after 4 rounds of the Brussels Friendly 2020 Championship ; note the performances from Alf & Johan B. (2x), Almira, Liliane & Lizbeth.

Next round : Brussels Friendly 100, on the 7th of August. The Championship (11 rounds) is extended till February or March 2021.

Keep on rolling,
kind regards,

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