Online matches temporarily valid for rating list

Because of the current restrictions to limit the propogation of the corona virus, live backgammon events are currently impossible.

For as long as the restrictions are in force, it is therefore allowed and even encouraged to register the results of online matches for the rating list. Currently, this possibility is granted for matches played up to and including April 19.


  • Both players need to agree beforehand that the match will count for the rating.
  • A maximum of 50 match points per player per week can be registered. Weeks start on Mondays.
  • As before, only results of matches between members can be registered. See the rating list for current members.

As far as the online environment permits, players are encouraged to simulate the circumstances of live play:

  • Hide the pipcount.
  • No computer analysis (PR) visible during the match.
  • Use of clock, for instance 2 minutes per match plus 12 seconds per move.

How to communicate your results

The match winner communicates the result to the rating responsible of his or her club:

  • Brugge: Line Vandamme
  • Brussels: Guy Van Middelem
  • Gent: Bert Van Kerckhove
  • Leuven: Johan Segers

Results need to be communicated within a week. Please indicate clearly:

date, match length, winner, loser, website/app/platform

Have fun, and keep on rolling clicking.

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