European Championship, Helsingor (DK), 20-23 Oct 2016

The Belgian team: Michel Lamote, Geert Van der Stricht, Walter Meuwis, Johan Huyck, Johan Segers, Alain Chif, Maurits Pino.

Live stream:


Round 1: Belgium – Norway 2-2

Michel Lamote (PR: 4.4) vs Dagfinn Snarheim (PR: 4.6) 1-0
Johan Huyck vs Rune Færevåg 0-1
Johan Segers vs Hall Skåra 1-0
Walter Meuwis vs Tore Fredriksson 0-1

Round 2: Belgium – UK 2-2

Michel Lamote vs Gaz Owen 1-0
Johan Huyck vs Sebastian Wilkinson 0-1
Johan Segers vs Lawrence Powell 0-1
Walter Meuwis vs Eric McAlpine 1-0

Round 3: Belgium – France 3-1

Michel Lamote vs Olivier Decultot 0-1
Johan Huyck vs Raphaël Rosalba 1-0
Johan Segers vs Stéphane Chenevière 1-0
Walter Meuwis vs Gildas Racape 1-0

Round 4: Belgium – Greece 2-2

Geert Van der Stricht vs Nikos Dikaros 0-1
Michel Lamote vs Athanasios Katsios 1-0
Johan Segers vs Haris Christidis 0-1
Walter Meuwis vs Michalis Manolios 1-0

Round 5: Belgium – Iceland 2-2

Geert Van der Stricht vs Hallur Jon Saevarsson 0-1
Michel Lamote vs Stefan Gudmundsson 0-1
Johan Huyck vs Ingi Tandri Traustason 1-0
Walter Meuwis vs Fjalarr Páll Mánason 1-0

Round 6: Belgium – Turkey 2-2

Geert Van der Stricht vs Mahir Kasuto 0-1
Michel Lamote vs Murat Hazır 1-1
Johan Segers vs Gokhan Kazandag 1-0
Walter Meuwis vs Zafer Önder 1-0

Team ranking after the Swiss stage

  1. Hungary 18
  2. Croatia 16
  3. Denmark 15
  4. United Kingdom 14
  5. Greece, Belgium, Sweden, Turkey 13
  6. France, Austria 11
  7. Gibraltar 7
  8. Cyprus 6

We missed the final 4 by a hair. It all ended with an exciting double match point by Michel in extreme time pressure. Just a little bit more luck and we would have made it. Next time perhaps!

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6 Responses to European Championship, Helsingor (DK), 20-23 Oct 2016

  1. Zsolt says:

    … and Norway, Germany and Iceland finished with 12 points

  2. Zsolt says:

    That was painfully close but still an honourable performance. In fact, Belgium as a team remained undefeated. Well done and good luck for the other events.

  3. Paul says:

    Well done guys !

  4. Johan says:

    Thanks, Zsolt 🙂 Things are going well so far. Michel’s match was live-streamed on YouTube, he played very strongly.

  5. Paul says:

    Good luck ! Understood first game ended 2-2 against Norway ! Good start against a strong team… Keep it up.

  6. Zsolt says:

    Good luck, make us proud!
    Johan, it seems you we were too modest to mention yourself.

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