Tournament Book 4 Cubes 2016 online

It’s official now: the 2016 edition of the 4 Cubes, Belgium’s backgammon interclub competition, has been launched! For more information, check out the 4 Cubes 2016 page or the Tournament Book 4 Cubes 2016.


Theoretically, the Brugge team, winner of the competition in 2015, is the strongest of the five. But Brussels and Gent had to let go of the 2015 title to Brugge in the tie-break only. Both teams will be eager for revenge.

Leuven, finishing last in 2015, sends out a second team, the Cubers. Quantity rather than quality, or a clever move perhaps to increase the odds? They even hired two players from the former Hasselt team.

First round

The first round takes place in the third week of February. The Leuven derby will take place on Friday, February 19, while Gent will receive Brussels on Tuesday, February 16 (to be confirmed). Brugge can relax and enjoy the spectacle.

Captains — muster your players and send out those challenges. May the best team win!

— Luc Palmans (tournament director), Johan Segers, and Guy Van Middelem

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