EUBTC : R6 : Belgium goes for broke against Turkey.

Some unfortunate swings of fortune left Belgium needing a 4-0 victory against Turkey to qualify for the Final Four. Chances of this happening are small, but stranger things have happened in backgammon…

Sadly, despite being the better player on every board, we only managed a draw : 2-2.

Here are the team PR’s :

PR Belgium v Turkey (4 x 13)

Every player excelled in this team effort and this resulted in a high-class performance, our best of the tournament. Sadly, outplaying your opponent is never a guarantee for victory in this fickle game, as was amply demonstrated in the 6 encounters we played in Iceland.

PR Turkey v Belgium (4 x 13)

Michel Lamote (PR 3,60) wins against Arda Findikoglu (PR 7,52)

Marc Van Damme (PR 3,64) loses to Mahir Kasuto (PR 7,10)

Johan Huyck (PR 6,19) loses to Cumhur Bekture (PR 7,15)

Walter Meuwis (PR 4,82) wins against Gokhan Kazandag (PR 12,91)

What conclusions can be drawn from this event? Come back to this website tomorrow and find an interview with Johan Huyck, who will shed his light on the data.


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