Reykjavik hosts 2017 European Backgammon Team Championship.

  • intends to send ambitious team.

In  Budapest (2015) and Helsingor (2016) Belgium competed with grit and determination. In both campaigns the qualification for the Final Four was missed by the smallest margin.

Belgium’s Best in Helsingor (left to right : Maurits, Walter, Johan Huyck, Johan Segers, Geert and Alain. Bottom : Michel.

This year the EUBTC will take place in the capital city of Iceland, Reykjavik (5-6 October 2017).  This team event is prestigious because it reflects the current standard of a country’s backgammon community. Achievements in previous European Team Championships  have earned Belgium a good reputation (prestige). This is what is at stake in Reykjavik.  Therefore, hopes to be represented once again by a motivated and competitive team (4-7 players) :  Belgium’s Best.

  • Selection criteria.

Selection of players will be based predominantly on empirical data, i.e. conglomerate PR’s as reflected in both the BMS GT (Grading Table) and the BPR RT (Ranking Table).

Since (a) skill in backgammon dominates as match length increases and (b) the BMS GT reflects PR’s obtained in longer matches, a higher weight will be given to BMS gradings than to BPR gradings.

In the case that Candidate Players have no official BMS or BPR grading, selection may be considered based on data available in the BMS(BE) archive.

Should the difference between two players be too close to call (0,15 PR), factors like international experience with longer matches will be taken into account.

  • Selection procedure.

Candidacies must be submitted by e-mail ( at the latest on 30  June  2017.

Candidate players should :

a) be member

b) have the Belgian nationality or be bona fide resident in Belgium

c) demonstrably play at Advanced level or better

d) have an official BMS or BPR grading  or be BIC player.

A first list of Candidate Players will be published on the website on 15 July 2017.

On 22-23 July 2017  a BMS tournament will be played to ensure Candidate Players an ultimate opportunity to improve their BMS grading. This tournament will be played in Brugge and will consist of six 13-point matches.

The final selection for Reykjavik 2017 will be made once the performances (PR’s) in this event have been incorporated in the BMS GT.



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