BIC now BMAB approved!

BMS(BE) is proud to announce that the BIC competition has received official BMAB validation for 2016.  That makes it the first European national competition to be acknowledged as official BMS tournament. Before, only Denmark could boast a similar achievement with their very ambitious and high-level XG Masters Event (35 players this year,  ALL matches filmed!).

What does this mean for our BIC players?

All BIC competitors (24 players registered for 2016) can have their performances recognised by the international backgammon community if they so desire.  No need to travel abroad and pay large entry fees and expensive hotel rooms.  Just complete the 2016 BIC competition and you can receive an official BMAB Grading.  This comes on top of the BMSB Grading  (which only has national relevance).

Since all applications need to be submitted to BMS(BE), the procedure to follow is similar to playing a MS2 :

1) send an e-mail to me ( to have your BIC Series pre-designated.

2) film ALL your 2016 BIC matches (including play-offs and final rounds).  Matches notated manually or on tablet are not valid for BMAB, but can be submitted as a MS2.

3) the video files need to be submitted to BMS(BE) within 8 days after completion of a match.  This can be done either by e-mail or by uploading the video on YouTube.

4) the same holds for the XG-files.  Applicants can either do the transcription work themselves or have it done by BMS(BE).  In the latter case, a transcription fee of 20€ will be charged for 11- and 13-point matches.

5) players need to adhere to the BMSB Conditions of Play and the BMAB Consideration of Individual Applications for Awards (see :

At this moment, 8 players have officially applied for their BIC 2016 matches to be BMAB validated : Walter M., Luc P., Paul Van D., Maurits P., Guy Van M., Johan S., Geert VdS. and myself.

Applications can be submitted till 10 January 2016.

Why not take up the gauntlet?




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