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Bert slams opposition at 2017 Rotterdam Open.

After winning all 7 matches at the recent Gent Open, Bert Van Kerckhove continued his winning streak by triumphing in 4 consecutive 13-point matches at the Rotterdam Open last Sunday. The field of 16 players was slightly stronger than at … Continue reading

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Sunday 2 July 2017 : 1st Open Belgian Championship Double Consultation.

In Double Consultation,  backgammon is played between two teams of 2 players. The teams are allowed to consult before executing a checker play or making a cube decision. This usually results in more thorough play, especially since more time is allotted … Continue reading

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BMS : Marc Van Damme dips below 5 on BMS Grading Table.

In the more rarefied regions of Belgian backgammon, persistent efforts are being made to notch up the level of play. Marc Van Damme and Geert Van der Stricht, the current numbers 1 and 2 in the BMS realm, scored ringing … Continue reading

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BMS : Guy and Alain show signs of progress in Master Series (8 x 9).

If you play a pre-designated number of medium-length matches, say eight matches to 9 points, you can be pretty sure that your overall PR will give a reliable idea of your true playing strength. That is, if you make an … Continue reading

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Reykjavik hosts 2017 European Backgammon Team Championship. intends to send ambitious team. In  Budapest (2015) and Helsingor (2016) Belgium competed with grit and determination. In both campaigns the qualification for the Final Four was missed by the smallest margin. This year the EUBTC will take place … Continue reading

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Bert wins 12th Gent Open.

Seven victories in a row guaranteed success for Bert Van Kerckhove at this year’s Gent Open. This is quite a feat since Bert organised the event and had to take care of all kinds of practicalities in between and during … Continue reading

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BMS : milestone performance by Walter at Nordic Open.

The Nordic Open attracted about 270 players who competed in 3 divisions. 95 of  them appeared in the Advanced Flight. If there is one tournament Walter Meuwis (current 5,67 PR) desperately likes to win, it is this one. After winning … Continue reading

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BMS : the comeback of Marc Van Damme.

Back in 2001, when I was a novice to the game, Marc Van Damme (47) was already a player of some stature. In Paris, where Marc had shown up with Bert Van Kerckhove, Marc reached the finals of the Advanced … Continue reading

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BMS : Walter and Ronny tread water in Master Series (6 x 15).

Walter Meuwis and Ronny Conaert played, recorded and transcribed six 15-point matches in the course of the past 3 months. These matches were played in the cosy surroundings of Walter’s Hasselt home. With no money, shiny trophies or prestigious titles … Continue reading

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BMS : Encouraging performances by Robin and Michel

Spread over four Fridays in March,  Robin Bilderbeek and I played eight 13-point matches, which we recorded and transcribed. Robin was eager to test his new-found skills against a better opponent and I desperately needed some better-than-average PR’s to give … Continue reading

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