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Red Beavers are off to Gibraltar for EUBTC.

After valiant campaigns in Hungary (2015), Denmark (2016) and Iceland (2017), the Belgium Backgammon Team will compete in the 2018 European Backgammon Team Championship in Gibraltar with 6 of our best players. Due to the fortuitous scheduling of the event … Continue reading

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BMS : Marc Van Damme edges closer to Grandmaster status.

The 51st Master Series was played between the BMS ranking’s numbers 1 and 3, Marc Van Damme and Geert Van der Stricht. They played, recorded and transcribed nine 13-point matches in the course of January and February. Here is how … Continue reading

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BMS : Fine PR’s by Johan H. and Michel in Four Cubes encounter Gent-Brugge (3-6).

The Four Cubes encounter between Gent and Brugge was validated as a BMS-event after both TC’s ( = Team Captains), Geert Van der Stricht (Gent) and Guy Van Middelem (Brugge), agreed to record and transcribe all 9 matches. The players had all … Continue reading

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Marc Van Damme baffles international backgammon community in Gibraltar.

The international backgammon event in Gibraltar (8-10 February) ranks among the most prominent tournaments in the world. Top players from all over the globe compete for victory. Several grandmasters from Denmark are present (Trabolt, Noehr, Myhr, Bredahl, …), as well … Continue reading

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BMS : Dirk Schiemann (GER) wins PR prize at 2nd Xmas Trophy.

Spurred on by Tournament Director Geert Van der Stricht, the 12 participants transcribed all thirty 9-point matches within 48 hours, an unprecedented achievement. Here are the results : The field consisted of 7 Belgian players, 3 Dutch players and two … Continue reading

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BMS : Marc Van Damme in grandmaster form!

Days before the last important BMS event of the year, the 2nd Xmas Trophy, Marc Van Damme en Geert Van der Stricht wrapped up another Master Series. They played, recorded and transcribed nine 9-point matches. Marc produced some high quality … Continue reading

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BMS : fine PR’s by Marc and Michel.

Marc Van Damme is currently the highest ranked player on the BMS Grading Table. Only spectacular improvement by his two closest pursuers, Geert Van der Stricht and myself, could pose a threat to Marc’s dominant position. Some cracks in Marc’s … Continue reading

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BMS : consistent progress at the top.

Recording your matches with a webcam (or otherwise), transcribing them in XG and afterwards studiously analysing your errors, is a very efficient and fun way to get ahead in backgammon. This is demonstrated by the significant progress made by those … Continue reading

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Paulus wins Speedgammon event in Dubrovnik!

64 players entered the Speedgammon event in Dubrovnik, Croatia. In Speedgammon, players get 2 minutes  thinking time with 10 seconds increment for a 5-point match. Paulus Van Rooijen (Brugge BC) was able to string 6 victories together, winning the final … Continue reading

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BMS : Johan Huyck launches Belgium Speedgammon (+ video).

For many years, speedgammon has been a side event in international tournaments. At the 2017 Nordic Open, speedgammon even replaced the traditional Last Chance event. Also in Monte Carlo (the World Championship) and Reykjavik (the European Team Championship), speedgammon proved … Continue reading

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