The Return of the Vlissingen Blitz Masters

Paulus van Rooijen invites you to participate in three exciting tournaments in two days:

On Saturday January 13, 2024: Vlissingen Masters, 5 rounds Swiss system, 9-point matches, 18 min. + 12 sec., to qualify for a play-off (last 8). We expect 60 participants of 10 nationalities who will play in two separate groups: Champions and Advanced, each with a play-off.

On Sunday January 14, 2024: Play-off last 8 of each group (direct elimination). Superjackpot (direct elimination) 9-point matches, 18 min. + 12 sec. Speedgammon, (Swiss) 5-point matches, 2 min. + 10 sec.

Venue: Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Arion, Boulevard Bankert 266, 4382AC Vlissingen, The Netherlands

Detailed info in the flyer.

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