npo General Assembly

Dear backgammon friend, member of a backgammon club,

You’re kindly invited to the General Assembly of – Belgian Backgammon Federation – on Friday the 6th of December 2019 at 18.00 PM in Tennis Club ‘le Roseau’, 60, rue du Roseau – Rietweg at 1180 Brussels.

The Assembly will be followed by the Brussels Friendly 95 tournament at 19.45 PM.


  • Welcome drink & word by the President (Guy Van Middelem).
  • Financial report of the Treasurer (Alain Chif) : changes in the by-laws (address – reduction of board members) and legal publication, balance 2019, budget 2019, EUBGF fee, membership fees.
  • Report of the 4-Cubes committee (Luc Palmans, chairman) : report 2019 (format, teams, calendar ) ; project for 2020.
  • Report of the BIC committee (Kristoffer De Weert) : report 2019 (format, participants, calendar) ; project for 2020 (format, participants).
  • Report of the Selection committee 2018 (Johan Huyck) : report European / World Championships in Montenegro 2019 ; project for France 2020.
  • Report of the BMS-committee (Geert Van der Stricht) : report 2019 ; project for 2020.
  • Report of the Rating committee (Johan Segers) : report 2019 ; project for 2020.
  • Relation to the EUBGF (Guy Van Middelem) : report of the EUBGF Assembly in Montenegro 2019.
  • Club reports (Brugge – LVD ; Gent – BVK ; Brussels – GVM ; Leuven – HP). Organisation of championships (1-point, 5-point,…).
  • Varia

Please note : a) every individual member of a affiliated club is invited to the GA ; b) in the eventual case of voting : voting rights are per member (1 vote per club) and per founding member (1 vote per member).

Keep on rolling, — Guy Van Middelem, President

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