EUBTC : R3 : Belgium and France play equally well.

With two draws under our belt, Belgium badly needed a win against France. Unfortunately, things turned out sour for us as we were beaten 1-3. Both teams came up with similar PR’s :

PR France v Belgium (4 x 13)

PR Belgium v France (4 x 13)

Marc Van Damme made his maiden appearance on Board 1 and did not disappoint. He won his match and scored an excellent PR :

Marc Van Damme (PR 3,66) wins against Vincent Nardi (PR 5,80)

Johan Huyck (PR 5,61) loses against Olivier Croisille (PR 5,26)

Johan Segers (PR 7,69) loses against Eric Maillebiau (PR 8,45)

Walter Meuwis (PR 5,77) loses against Aurélien Bionnet (PR 3,27)

After this defeat, Belgium was left with 5/12. We needed to score heavily on Day 2 if we wanted to qualify for the Final Four. Will we be able to lift our game a notch or two?

Come and see next week!

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