EUBTC : R4 : Belgium rolls up its sleeves against Sweden … but loses.

After losing to France on Thursday night, we badly needed to score some points against Sweden. It was imperative not to squander equity in this encounter and I can say that we all appeared at the boards very focused. This resulted in a very fine team performance :

PR Belgium v Sweden (4 x 13)

PR Sweden v Belgium (4 x 13)

This is the best team performance by Belgium so far. Marc and I were the better of two of Sweden’s top players and both Johans kept a cool head in high-pressure conditions :

Michel Lamote (PR 2,71) loses  against Kare Aronsson (PR 3,88)

Marc Van Damme (PR 3,67) wins against Thomas Tenland (PR 5,18)

Johan Huyck (PR 6,16) loses against Johan Bynell (PR 9,01)

Johan Segers (PR 6,49) loses against Aron Tendler (PR 7,87)

This undeserved defeat leaves Belgium with 6/16. We can still qualify for the Final Four, but will have to score heavily in R5. Our opponents are Gibraltar, the weakest participant in this tournament. Surely a 4-0 victory is possible?

To be continued.



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