EUBTC : R 2 : solid performance by Belgium versus Norway.

After drawing 2-2 against Greece in Round 1, we faced Norway in Round 2. Norway is a strong backgammon country, but amateurish selection procedures prevent some of the very best players to be part of the team. Hence their slightly disappointing performance against us :

PR Norway v Belgium (4 x 13)

The Belgium Team did slightly better :

PR Belgium v Norway (4 x 13)

I seldom perform well during siesta hours, and my PR  certainly hurt the team performance. Walter, however, got rolling  and also Johan Huyck outplayed his opponent :

All PR’s :

Michel Lamote (PR 6,40) loses to Dagfinn Snarheim (PR 4,78)

Johan Huyck (PR 4,71) wins against Jostein Flood (PR 9,19)

Johan Segers (PR 7,40) loses to Rune Hallvorsen (PR 8,15)

Walter Meuwis (PR 2,99) wins against Beate Siglem (PR 5,20)

Can we keep this up in R3 (or even do better?). Check this website and you’ll soon know.

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