Rating update temporarily unavailable

Due to a technical issue, the rating update cannot be done for the moment. Your match results are still being recorded as usual, and the rating list with results up to March 12 is still available.

I believe I know what the problem is, but finding a workaround may take some time. I’ll get into it during the Easter break, two weeks from now. I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

— J.

PS: The problem is that the csv file containing the match results has become too large, and its contents can no longer be processed in php in one chunck. So I need to either reimplement everything using MySQL databases, which I would have to learn first, or to find a way to make the match result file smaller, for instance by cutting it into pieces, one for each year. I am confident that I’ll find a solution, but again, it will take some time. Any help would be welcome of course!

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