7th Leuven Open: Double victory for Brussels; Most accurate play by Brugge

Thank you to everybody for making the 7th Leuven Open (Nov 29, 2015, in de Abdijmolen, Heverlee) such a wonderful day.

Congratulations to the winners of the main tournament:

  1. Johan Brisaert (Brussels)
  2. Robin Bilderbeek (Gent)
  3. Zsolt Tasnadi (Brussels)
  4. Guy Van Middelem (Brugge)

Congratulations also to the Brussels team for winning the Fonske challenge.

Congratulations finally to the laureates of the Vesalius challenge, a Performance Rating (PR) based competition. Most skilfull players were Paul van Dijke, Michel Lamote, and Guy Van Middelem, incidentally or not the three players of the Brugge team, winning the 4 Cubes 2015.

Report, pictures, full results:
http://backgammon-leuven.be/2015/11/29/double-brussels-victory-at-7th-leuven-open/ http://backgammon-leuven.be/2015/12/04/results-vesalius-challenge/

– JS

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