4 Cubes 2015: Deciding match Gent – Brugge tonight

Tonight, the last encounter in the 4 Cubes 2015 tournament takes place, Gent vs Brugge. If Brugge wins, then it will have won all encounters and it will become “Belgium’s Best Backgammon Club 2015”. If Gent wins, then there will be three teams with three encounters won and one lost: Brugge, Brussels, and Gent. In that case, the triple tie will be broken according to Article 6 in the rules (page 6 in the tournament book). The result depends on the number of matches won: If Gent wins 5-4 or 6-3, it’s still Brugge who will be champion. However, if Gent wins 7-2 or more, then Gent will be the final winner.

Good luck to both teams!

The 4 Cubes 2015 referee committee

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