joins EUBGF

Quoting Leonardo Jerkovic, General Secretary of the European Backgammon Federation EUBGF, on December 6, 2014:

Hello Mr Van Middelem and Mr Segers,

I am glad to inform you that the Executive Board of the European Backgammon Federation approved your membership application and from 5 December 2014, Belgian Backgammon Federation is considered as full member of the European Backgammon Federation (EUBGF) to represent BELGIUM (One national association per country-principle).

Kind regards

Leonardo Jerkovic
General Secretary, EUBGF

The EUBGF was founded in September 2014 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Other member nations are, among others, Denmark and France. See

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2 Responses to joins EUBGF

  1. Johan says:

    Interested in representing Belgium?

  2. Zsolt says:

    That was fast!
    I hope to see a strong Belgian team next year in my home town.

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