10th Backgammon Masters Tournament, Antwerp, Jan 11-12, 2014

Dear Backgammon Friends!

With great pleasure I invite you to participate in the 10th Backgammon Masters Tournament in Antwerp, which will take place in the second weekend of January 2014, i.e., January 11-12, 2014. Venue: Café “Den Bengel”, Grote Markt 5, B-2000 Antwerp, Belgium.

In addition, we will have an Amateur group on Sunday, January 12. System of play (Swiss system or round robin) will depend on the number of participants. It is my intention to play 5 point matches, without clocks. Just as in the Masters Group there will be two cups for the best players. Registration from 10:00, pairings at 10:45, start tournament at 11:00.

For the Masters group, we will stick to the system that has proven itself over the last years: 9 rounds Swiss system; 9 point matches; digital clocks (Bronstein, 18 minutes per match + 12 seconds per move).

12:00 – Registration
12:45 – Pairings
13:00 – Start tournament, rounds 1-5

10:00 – Rounds 6-9
19:00 – Prize giving

Please make your reservation in advance, because the number of participants has a certain maximum. I hope to meet you in Antwerp to start the new backgammon year!

Kind regards,
Paul van Rooijen
0031 (0)653 276835
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/484165455016126/?source=1

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