BMS : Walter and Ronny solidify BMS rating.

In the course of the past couple of months, Walter Meuwis and Ronny Conaert found time to play six 15-point matches. Walter recorded and transcribed. They each won 3 and lost 3. Astonishingly enough, like Johan Huyck and myself in our last Master Series, both players performed within 0,1 of their official BMS rating :

Walter's PR (6 x 15)

Walter’s PR (6 x 15)

Ronny's PR (6 x 15)

Ronny’s PR (6 x 15)

In the meantime, Walter also completed his BIC Series. He played his 7 BIC encounters well within schedule and came up with a fine performance :

Walter in the zone in Velden, Austria.

Walter in the zone in Velden, Austria.

BIC : Walter's PR (14 x 13)

BIC : Walter’s PR (14 x 13)

Will anyone do better?


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