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    Maurits Pino

    Further to Johan’s post and Michel’s comments:

    I’ve tried writing down while playing but it’s not been a success.
    However, Paul does this very effectively and I will try again.
    Johan’s argument that you still have to get XG and put the match in is not entirely correct. If you open an xg file, you see that their structure is very simple. By taking note in the same format, you can cut down your working time considerably.
    However, and here I get to Michel’s point, that working time isn’t lost in any case. By looking at a match and feeding it into XG you relive a match and you learn from it at the spot.

    I haven’t tried playing an adversary on my i-pad (which is perhaps better than playing facing a PC or laptop) and that may be very efficient in terms of playing and recording but there is an even nicer solution: some five years ago, a Russian guy (I believe) Jakob Garal offered to sell on gammonU or on Stick’s forum a so called sensor board that looks like a normal board but that registers your moves. It was crazy expensive but five years of progress may make all the difference (compare XG with Snowy in price and quality).
    (sensor board is nr 5 on Johan’s list!)


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