BMS : Fine PR’s by Johan H. and Michel in Four Cubes encounter Gent-Brugge (3-6).

The Four Cubes encounter between Gent and Brugge was validated as a BMS-event after both TC’s ( = Team Captains), Geert Van der Stricht (Gent) and Guy Van Middelem (Brugge), agreed to record and transcribe all 9 matches. The players had all the matches transcribed within 48 hours and Johan Huyck re-analysed the matches and processed the data within a day.

Here is how the players did (in brackets is the number of victories, followed by the overall PR, the checkerplay PR and the cube PR) :

Michel Lamote (3)                3,84     3,58     5,21

Johan Huyck (1)                    4,30     4,26     4,48

Geert Van der Stricht (1)     6,21     5,14      10,40

Guy Van Middelem (2)        7,15     6,59      12,02

Bert Van Kerckhove (1)        8,13     4,46     23,30

Paul Van Dijke (1)                 8,39     5,31     21,54

These PR’s show that it is not easy to play well after a hard day’s work and that it is difficult to achieve a below-10 PR in cube handling. Johan H. and myself were the exceptions.

I also campaigned in Gibraltar. I got off to a bad start in the 11-pointers (1/4), but managed to string 3 wins together in the Consolation (9-point matches). I filmed all my matches and came up with this encourageing result :

PR Michel in Gibraltar (4 x 11, 4 x 9)





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