European Backgammon Federation: Team Tournament and Founding General Assembly

Below please find a letter from the Danish and Croation Backgammon Federations sent to all European national backgammon federations on June 7, 2014. Information on the team tournament (Dubrovnik, September 26-28, 2014) is to be found in the flyer.

Do you wish to play for Belgium in the team tournament or represent Belgium at the founding general assembly of the European Backgammon Federation? Please contact Johan Segers at

Hello to all backgammon federations and players,

As you might have already heard, Croatian Backgammon Federation and Danish Backgammon Federation have proposed the establishment of the common framework for international backgammon cooperation ā€“ European Backgammon Federation.

Backgammon, as the world’s oldest board game, up to this day, doesn’t have any international federation. It is our vision that backgammon must be more recognized as a mind sport game, and not just as gambling game. Therefore, it seems best to us that backgammon should follow the path of already recognized board and card games ā€“ chess and bridge.

Backgammon, as purely individual game, should, like its mentioned fellow mind games, organize teams tournaments, championship and leagues, in addition to individual tournaments. By doing that, it should be more easier and more efficient to attract sponsors and money, especially for the national teams.

In our talks to our partners ā€“ national backgammon federations in the continent of Europe, we learned that majority of federations like and accept this ideas. We understand that in the beginning there might be certain problems and tough start, but we hope that all can and should organize its national associations, send the national team to the European Team Championship (ideal for attracting the sponsors).

Representatives from Croatia, Denmark, Norway and Bosnia and Herzegovina participated at the initial live meeting in Zagreb, Croatia on 6th December 2013, together with written endorsement of Italy and Greece.

We agreed that the first European Team Championship (for national teams) should be organized in Dubrovnik, Croatia from 26th until 28th September 2014.

In addition, during the Team Championship, founding General Assembly of the European Backgammon Federation will take place, where representatives from each national federation will have one vote and this forum will be the highest authority to democratically decide our path for the future of organized backgammon in Europe.

Those nations that doesn’t have their national associations yet, will be provided opportunity to send their national teams, right to participate in the General Assembly, but without voting rights (associate members), which should in certain period of time actually establish its non-profit association.

Membership fee for the national associations will be decided by the founding General Assembly, but we reccomend to be very symbolic and low so we attract all, but that we have certain ammount to cover the initial costs of the organisation. EUBGF should also work to find its sponsors independently in the future.

Not to waste precious time, there will be e-mail discussion necessary in preparing the official document drafts (Statute of the European Backgammon Federation, EUBGF Rating List Rules etc.). We invite all federations to actively participate in these discussions with their own ideas, which we should present transparently.

Each country should be represented by its ONE national team, consisting of 4 players and 3 reserves (+captain if he’s non-playing). The entry fee is 1000 Euro, registration fee 100 Euro. European Team Championship will be played in 7 rounds swiss format, where top 4 teams qualify for the Playoff Knockout stage (Semifinals, 3rd Place match and Finals). Match lengths will be to 15 points, all clocked (30min per player + 12 sec Bronstein delay per move). As our organisation is new and in the start without any money, we ask national teams to bring with them 3 backgammon boards of standard dimensions and 2 digital clocks per each team.

Eligibility to play for the national team should belong to players who have citizenship of the represented country, which should be proven on spot with official ID or passport.

Thank you all to support the idea and hope to see you all in Dubrovnik at the Founding General Assembly.

Danish Backgammon Federation President

Croatian Backgammon Federation representative

EUBGF Working Committee Coordinator

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