Sonja Custers becomes Beginners World Champion in Monte Carlo.

Four consecutive victories (9-point matches + 11-point final) gave Sonja Custers (Leuven BC) the title of World Champion (!) in the Beginners Division.

The final against a female player from Russia was a particularly tense affair. Sonja was able to come back from 0-6 down to reach equality at 9-9. In an unbearably exciting DMP-game, Sonja was able to keep a cool head under time pressure and eventually won after some gruelling swings of fortune.

Although the playing field was small and the opposition modest, this title has a prestigious ring to it and should give Sonja the motivation and confidence to continue her dedicated efforts to improve her game. She will of course from this day forward no longer be allowed to compete with the Beginners, but will have to defend her colours in the Intermediate divisions. Surely a fine achievement after barely one year of study.

Congratulations, Sonja!

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3 Responses to Sonja Custers becomes Beginners World Champion in Monte Carlo.

  1. rogier says:

    wow. Van harte gefeliciteerd Sonja!

  2. Paul v D says:

    Bravo Sonja !!!!

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