WBGF 2023 Team Championship: Players Wanted for Belgium’s Red Beavers

The WBGF 2023 Team Championship will take place in Skopje on August, 21-23. Please see the flyer as well as the regulations.

The Red Beavers, Belgium’s national backgammon team, plan to participate. Needed are at least 4 and preferably 5 or 6 players to form a team. In previous editions, Belgium has been reasonably successful but has never made it to the money rounds.

Do you want to play for Belgium? Then please announce your interest to our national coach, Johan Huyck (johan.huyck@wiskin.be), who will make the selection. The conditions to be eligible are light: 1) to be a BGFed.be member and 2) to live in Belgium. It is not required to have the Belgian nationality.

Red Beaver captain Johan Huyck shaking hands with Masayuki Mochizuki (Mochy) at the WBGF Team Championship 2019 in Budva, Montenegro. On the next board, Michel Lamote is playing Michihito Kageyama (Michi).

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