Red Beaver League: Robin Bilderbeek defeats Bert Van Kerckhove (4-2) and ensures promotion to Level 4

The players who showed up at the Sandeman (Ghent) last Tuesday witnessed an exciting UBC-duel. Although Bert played at World Class level in the first two matches (PR 3,71 and PR 3,36!), his excellent performance was not enough to secure an advantage as Robin managed to score a point in match 2 with an outlier PR of… 1,91. This amazing feat resulted in a 2-2 score after two of the three matches. As Bert was leading on average PR, the only scenario he had to avoid in match 3 was a loss with a worse PR. Sure enough, this unlikely turn of events happened as Bert, down 0-1, took a gammonnish cube which was a 0,300 Pass and ended up losing four points. This misjudgement proved to be a seismic moment in the duel. Robin was now leading 5-0 in the score and had a significantly better PR. In the third game, however, Robin also took a 0,300 Pass, which brought the PR’s closer again. Fortunately for Robin he managed to win this crucial game from an underdog position and was able to finish the match while his PR was still better than Bert’s.

This 4-2 victory means that Robin is now certain of promotion to Level 4 next year. In the meantime, he progresses to Level 3 where he will meet Johan Segers. Robin also cashes a PR bounty of 30€ as his average PR over the three 7-pointers was 5,96, just 0,04 below the 6 PR bounty threshold. Bert, on the contrary, now faces Belgian Champion Guy Van Middelem in a barrage duel of five 7-pointers which will decide who stays in Level 4 and who will start the 2023-2024 RBL season in Level 5.

Congrats to both players for a memorable UBC-duel!

PS: Check out the Red Beaver League links in the menu on the side for detailed results, the playing schedule, and the rules of the competition.

— Michel Lamote

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