BIC 2019 : Michel Lamote champion, Paul van Dijke runner-up

Michel Lamote (left) holding the trophy of the Belgian Individual Championship 2019 Backgammon. He and Paul van Dijke (right) played the final (best-of-three 13-point matches) on Tuesday December 17 and Friday December 20 in the playing room of the Backgammon Club Ghent. Michel won 2-0, admitting generously that the dice had not been against him. Congratulations to both for excellent play and great sportsmanship. It is the second time already that Michel conquers the title, his first victory dating from 2015. For Paul van Dijke, it is the second time already he’s the runner-up: in 2018, he had to concede to title to Johan Huyck. Better luck next year! president Guy Van Middelem (right) handing the BIC 2019 trophy to winner Michel Lamote (left) on Friday, December 20, in Ghent.
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