BMS : Master Series 0062 and 0064 wrapped up.

In a continued effort to improve their game, Geert Van der Stricht, Johan Huyck, Robin Bilderbeek and Michel Lamote played, recorded and transcribed ten 13-point matches. Over the past years it has become clear that PR’s achieved in Master Series of that length do not deviate much from the players’ actual playing strengths and thus provide a good indication of where they stand as far as intrinsic skill is concerned :

PR Geert (10*13). MS1 0064 is drawn 5-5.

PR Johan (10*13). MS1 0064 is drawn 5-5.

PR Robin (10*13). MS1 0062 is drawn 5-5.

PR Michel (10*13). MS1 0062 is drawn 5-5.

Encourageing PR’s by all four players. Geert (3), Johan (4) and Michel (2) solidify their BMS ranking, while Robin (9) is edging closer to below-7 status.

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