BMS : Marc Van Damme edges closer to Grandmaster status.

The 51st Master Series was played between the BMS ranking’s numbers 1 and 3, Marc Van Damme and Geert Van der Stricht. They played, recorded and transcribed nine 13-point matches in the course of January and February. Here is how they did :

PR Marc (MS1 0051 : 9*13). Marc loses 3-6.

This performance confirms Marc’s imminent rise to Grandmasterdom. Needless to say that playing better than your opponent is never a guarantee for victory in a capricious game like backgammon.

PR Geert (MS1 0051 : 9*13). Geert wins 6-3.

Geert will not be happy with this PR. Sometimes, however, a combination of factors (complex positions, awkward dice rolls, lack of focus after a hard day’s work, etc.) can lead to below-par PR’s. My bet is that Geert will overcome this setback with a vengeance in the months to come.

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