BMS : signs of progress at the top.

Four of Belgium’s top-5 players finished another Master Series. With very encourageing results.

Marc Van Damme (2) and Geert Van der Stricht (3) played, recorded and transcribed ten 15-point matches in the course of 2 months. The encounter ended in a 5-5 draw. Here is how they did :

PR Marc Van Damme (10 x 15)

PR Geert Van der Stricht (10 x 15)

Johan Huyck (5) and Michel Lamote (1) chose a slightly less demanding format. They played six 13-point matches of which Michel won 5 and lost 1. Both players managed to do well :

PR Johan Huyck (6 x 13)

PR Michel Lamote (6 x 13)



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