BMS : Huyck and Van der Stricht fail to improve in Master Series (6*17).

In an effort to make progress on the BMS Grading Table, Johan Huyck and Geert Van der Stricht played, recorded and transcribed six 17-point matches.  These matches were played on Tuesday afternoons at the Sandeman Club in Gent.

Here is how they did :

PR Geert (loses MS1 0037 by 1-5)

This is a bit of set-back for Geert, who seems to be moving away from the 5 PR threshold, instead of towards it. As a Backgammon Master (Class 2), Geert is expected to score PR’s between 5,50 and 4,75, so in this series of long matches, Geert played slightly below his acknowledged skill level. His current PR over the last 500 Experience Points (EP) is 5,45, eerily close to the cursed 5,50 PR boundary.

Moreover, Geert’s number 3 status may be in jeopardy as Walter Meuwis (4) is only 0,13 PR behind (5,58) and Johan Huyck (5) is also edging closer (5,87). Johan seems to have missed an opportunity to catch up as he could not find a below-6 PR in this MS :

PR Johan (wins MS1 0037 by 5-1)

Find the current standings of Belgium’s Best and all their match PR’s by clicking on BMS(BE)/Backgammon Master Series in the black banner above.

The upcoming quarter finals of the Belgian Individual Championship (BIC) provide another opportunity for our top players to display their skills. Here is the draw :

Walter Meuwis (4) versus Metin Ates (unranked)

Johan Segers  (7) v Geert Van der Stricht (3)

Paulus Van Rooijen (8) v Guy Van Middelem (12)/Maurits Pino (14)

Michel Lamote (1) v Johan Huyck (5)

All matches are best of three 13-point matches.



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